Binchotan Cleanse

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Support gut detoxification for healthy weight management and relief of gas and bloating.


What's Inside?

Joka, which translates to cleanse in Japanese, assists the body’s innate cleansing mechanisms for optimum gut detoxification.* Our Joka Blend is just that.

Binchōtan Charcoal is sourced from the Kishu region of Japan in the Wakayama Prefecture, where the ingredient originated. In Japan, charcoal cleansing is used by the medical community as a natural means of detoxification.

The addition of plant-based enzymes, and licorice root creates a formula designed to support detoxification, assist in weight loss, and relieve gas and bloating.

Japanese Charcoal Blend
Licorice Root
Plant-Based Enzymes
Koji Fungi

Our Proprietary Ingredient

Binchōtan Powder + Red Pine Charcoal

Japan’s fine-grained charcoal has a large effect of adsorbing waste products and gas in a porous manner and discharging them to the outside of the body.

In addition to the detoxification process, the effects of lipid absorption and weight loss has been a studied side effect.

The minerals calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium are naturally occurring, for additional mineral supplementation.

Who Should Take The Joka Blend?

Those experiencing regular gas and bloating may benefit from a cleanse to aid detoxification and assist in weight loss management.

When bad bacteria multiply in our gut microbiome, our health is affected, which can cause many toxic waste products to accumulate in the intestines.

Side effects of this bad bacteria can include gas, rough skin, and, in severe cases, carcinogens.

Occasionally, it’s a healthy idea to assist our bodies in the discharge of these waste products, especially as they build up over time from our diet and lifestyle choices.

When Should I Take This?

Binchotan Cleanse is best taken at least 1 hour before and 2 hours after meals, medications, or supplements. It can also be taken occasionally as soon as gas or bloating occurs.