Intestinal Youth

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Support the GI Tract to encourage immune health and more graceful aging.


What's Inside?

The Japanese word for regeneration is Saisei, which is the perfect representation of our “sticky” Saisei Blend.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have eaten “sticky foods” such as seaweed, lotus root, and okra.

These sticky foods contain large amounts of mucopolysaccharides, a biologically active substance which supports wound healing, tissue regeneration, and provides a protective barrier over an inflamed digestive tract.*

Our seaweed, root, and flora blend is combined with n-acetyl glucosamine and plant-based enzymes for maximum GI tract rejuvenation as we age.*

N-Acetyl Glucosamine
Mekabu Seaweed
Moroheiya Mallow
Lotus Root
Kinjisou Spinach
Ashitaba Superfood

Our Proprietary Ingredient


Research has shown the ingestion of Nacetylglucosamine protects the lining of our GI tract and promotes diversification of the intestinal flora.*

Mekabu Powder

Mekabu, which contains abundant mucopolysaccharides, is seaweed.

Mucopolysaccharides help protect the intestinal wall that has become thinner due to aging.*

Who Should Take The Saisei Blend?

Those looking to rejuvenate and protect their intestinal lining due to age-related digestional discomfort.

As you age, you may start to experience a variety of digestional issues; such as bloating, indigestion, and fatigue. This may be from the mucin layer of the intestinal tract becoming thinner and levels of critical intestinal flora becoming poorer.

Mucin, the main component of the mucous membrane that covers the gastrointestinal tract, plays an important role in protecting living tissues from foreign bacteria. By protecting the GI tract, you are in turn supporting immune health.

For maximum rejuvenation of the mucin layer and cells that line our GI tract, our Saisei blend is best.

When Should I Take This?

Intestinal Youth is best taken after meals.