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Support gut health for immune system maintenance and healthy normal bowel movements. An intense blend of 500 Billion CFU* per bottle


What's Inside?

Kinkatsu means maintaining good gut health through optimal bacterial balance; which fully encompasses our Kinkatsu Blend.

It draws from the best of Japanese fermented botanicals for 100% plant-based and powerful probiotic and prebiotic activity.

This unique pro & prebiotic supplement is formulated with sunki-zuke and miso-derived lactic acid bacteria; a health staple in Kiso City, Nagano Prefecture.

This area of Japan is known as the birthplace of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, and it is said the longevity of its population—the highest in Japan—is due to the consumption of these fermented foods.

Sunki Zuke
Turnip Greens
Sweet Potato

Our Proprietary Ingredient

Sunki Pickled Turnip-Derived Lactic Acid Bacteria

Individuals from the Nagano Prefecture in Japan who consume this special lactic acid bacteria have been linked to having stronger immune systems.*

Consumed from ancient to modern times, this fermented turnip has been well-renowned for its outstanding health properties.

Miso-Derived Lactic Acid Bacteria

Miso is a traditional Japanese fermented food. Since 1772, a long-established miso brewery carefully selected 55 strains of bacteria that are highly beneficial for human consumption.

Studies showed individuals who consumed miso-derived lactic acid bacteria had a prolonged lifespan of white blood cells, aiding in immunity and overall well-being.* As the Japanese say, 味噌は医者いらず. Translated, this means “there is no need for a doctor if you have miso”.

Who Should Take The Saisei Blend?

Those looking to build a stronger immune system*, reduce GI symptoms such as bloating and constipation, or nourish their good gut bacteria. This blend is optimal for everyday maintenance.

When Should I Take This?

For best results, Probiogenic should be taken with food during a meal.