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Support and stimulate healthy digestion, immune function, optimal nutrient absorption, and holistic wellness.


    What's Inside?

    Named for the Japanese word vitality, the Katsuryoku Blend was formulated to support renewed energy and vigor in the digestive tract.

    It includes fermented ancient Japanese grains, seeds, and flora manufactured using low temperature technology.

    Koji yeast culture contains abundant probiotics and beta-glucan, which stimulates immunity through activating white blood cells, especially macrophages, as well as exerting positive effects on the skin and intestinal microbial flora.

    Papaya and pineapple enzymes, and probiotics additionally complements this well-balanced formula.

    Plant-based enzymes
    Shinya Koji Yeast Culture(™)
    Moringa Seaweed
    Acerola Cherry
    Dulse Seaweed
    Nattokinase Enzyme

    Our Proprietary Ingredient

    Koji Fermented Millet Extract

    Through 14 years of fermentation testing, 10 grains were thoughtfully selected from studying 3,000 types of koji bacteria based on their documented enzyme activity value.

    The Koji millet extract was made into a raw material by a cooling method specifically designed to keep their enzyme activity.

    These enzymes work at the various pH ranges in the stomach, and small & large intestines, which means they help you throughout the entire digestive process.

    Who Should Take The Katsuryoku Blend?

    Those experiencing gas and bloating related to incomplete food digestion or food intolerance will benefit from supplementing with digestive enzymes from the Katsuryoku Blend.

    Good health is truly related to enzymes. Enzymes allow our bodies to function properly and reap the benefits of what we consume. Taking an enzyme supplement is like an insurance policy on digestion; especially if you are dealing with gas and bloating, which often reflect incomplete digestion or a food intolerance due to insufficient enzyme activity.

    When taking an enzyme supplement, it’s important to focus on the quality and activity of the enzymes. Many manufacturing processes destroy enzyme activity, which is why it’s been on the forefront of SHINYALab’s mission to create high-efficacy, trustworthy products stemming from our proprietary bio-fermented activation methods that concentrate and retain enzyme activity.

    When Should I Take This?

    Vital Enzymes is best taken just before meals to prepare, stimulate, and produce effective digestion. This unique formulation supplies a broad range of enzymes to properly digest and assimilate proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other critical factors from the food we eat.